New Website! New Look!

Hey Havenites!!

I just launched my new website! If you haven't checked it out yet, please do! I have a whole new look. Mostly…I mean, I still have my red hair ;)

But I have a new logo and new pictures along with the website I designed myself with a little help from squarespace. I hope you like it! I am getting very excited about the single that is about to drop in a couple of weeks.

In the coming weeks I could use all the help I can from all of you by sharing my music with any of your friends you think would be as awesome of fans as you are. If I want to get any sort of traction I NEED to get my music into the ears of new listeners! So please pre-save my song on spotify (link below) and share it with your like-minded friends. This is really important in order to gain any sort of attention.

If you could also share my website that would be super helpful. Also, I have a spotify playlist I’ve been working on with all of my favorite artists that I encourage you to follow and share as well!.

Thank you for all of your support!

Jules :)

Pre-Save Link:

Spotify Playlist: