Fool's Gold Tour

Hello Havenites!

I am getting ready to hit the road in the morning for my Fool’s Gold Tour and I am a mixture of excited, stressed, nervous and anxious. I think all of those emotions are very similarly related.;)

It has been a wonderful visit here in my hometown in Michigan. I was able to reconnect with good friend and family. And I think the timing is perfect. It was just the right amount of time to appreciate my love for Michigan but be ready to go back to my new home.

If I didn’t get to see some of you, I am sorry. It was a very busy summer. Busier than I expected. I thought I had a lot of downtime for play but unfortunately it became mostly work. Next year I will keep that in mind and try and schedule a little R&R.

Now with Dorian on the horizon there is a chance some of my tour may be derailed. I will be keeping a close eye on the weather and make plans accordingly. If you are in the cross hairs, I pray for your safety.

The good news is that My first 2 stops should be smooth sailing! I am very excited for my first show in Nashville, as it is a well sought after area to perform. I will be sharing the stage with two other female artists, Sinead Burgess and Alissa Moreno. Also, we are gonna work on some mixing for the full length album while I’m there too!

Charlotte should also be out of harms way. I have never been to Charlotte so I am pretty stoked for that!

If I make it to my final stop in Charleston I will have two super awesome experiences. So I really hope I can go. I will be playing a record store as well as being on the morning news show!

I have been super busy and have not updated my schedule for Florida yet. I will be sure to do that as soon as I get a few minutes!

Take care everyone and stay safe!


Julie Haven